anna glasbrook

Working at the boundaries of textile using non-traditional materials and often working at scale, I stitch through surfaces to create striking 3D designs in vibrant saturated colour.

I am passionate about the use of light and colour to enhance mood and wellbeing, and I am constantly seeking new materials to achieve this.

Influenced by my Scandinavian childhood and travels in Japan, I am never without my camera. Always taking images in the natural world and built environment, translating small details into the abstract patterns in my work.

• freestanding or wall hung artworks • light boxes • • suspended panels • space dividers • wall panels •

‘The beauty of Anna’s work transcends the prior confinement of textile art. With an appreciation for fluidity within nature and random flow, her pieces are expertly edited creative concepts that bring new and interesting aesthetics to any project.’
Michael Hennessey HOME, New York